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West Bengal Student Credit Card Status 2022: CM Mamata Banerjee announced on May 24, 2021 that her government will provide student credit cards for higher education. Now students of West Bengal can take credit card for their higher education in India and abroad. Many students are unable to fulfill their dream of higher education due to their financial condition. Then, CM Mamata Banerjee thought of him. They decided to provide an easy low interest loan so that the students can continue their studies. Last Updated: May 24, 21: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee approved the “West Bengal Student Credit Card” scheme and gave loans up to 10 lakhs at 4% interest. On this page get information regarding West Bengal Student Credit Card application status 2021.

The chief minister of of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee introduce student credit card scheme on 30 June 2021 student can get maximum 10 lakh loan in normal interest rate 4%. only within the first 9 days only 25,847 students have applied under this scheme. Student are not required to pay anything for applying is known. Government of West Bengal Rs 1355 crore will be spent for the scheme. West Bengal Student Credit Card Scheme has been officially launched on 30th June 2021. If you want to apply online for all article carefully

West Bengal Student Credit Card Status 2022

West Bengal Student Credit Card Status

The Government of West Bengal has announced a new World Bank 2021 Student Credit Card Scheme for the students. This West Bengal Student Credit Card Scheme will allow students to get a soft loan of up to Rs. 10 lakh for higher studies. In this scheme, a person will be eligible till the age of 40 years and a student will be given 15 years to repay the loan after getting a job.

Objective of west Bengal student Credit Card Scheme 2021

 Every plan has some objective. This scheme has been started for some purpose.

 These are the following:

  • Providing student credit cards and loans up to 10 lakhs. to continue his higher education.
  •  Lending at a low interest rate of 4%.
  • To provide an easy withdrawal option.

What is West Bengal Student Credit Card Scheme?

To make the youth of West Bengal self-reliant, a new scheme has been started, which is called Scheme Student Credit Card. In this scheme, all eligible students will get student credit cards with a credit limit of up to Rs. 10 lakh at an interest rate of 4%. WB’s student credit card scheme is part of the “Arthik Shujog, Shobol Jubo” initiative. Through student credit cards, college students, both undergraduate and graduate, will be eligible to avail credit of up to ₹10 lakh at a concessional rate of 4%. Unlike a loan taken out as a lump sum, a student credit card will benefit more than 1.5 crore students over the next 5 years, to students on demand and as per their convenience.

Bengal cabinet approves credit card of student scheme

 Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee headed the West Bengal state government. It is estimated that 15 lakh beneficiaries will be covered in the “West Bengal Student Credit Card Scheme”. The SCC scheme promises student credit cards with a credit limit of Rs. 10,00,000 for higher studies. The West Bengal Scheme Student Credit Card was promised by Prime Minister Mamata Banerjee before the recent assembly elections.

WB Student Credit Card Scheme Registration

 Senior government officials recently held a meeting to determine the modalities of subsidy. The work of implementing the West Bengal Student Credit Card Scheme will start soon. The first is the government. What you have to do is to register the beneficiaries of West Bengal SCC program. The total beneficiary from this scheme has been estimated to be Rs 1.5 million.

West Bengal Student Credit Card Scheme Eligibility

Here are the complete eligibility criteria to be eligible for West Bengal Student Credit Card Scheme:-

  • The applicant must have spent 10 years in the state of West Bengal.
  • Loans will be eligible for undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and postdoctoral studies in India or abroad.
  • A person is eligible for the scheme till the age of 40 years.
  •  A student will be given fifteen years to repay the loan after getting a job.

West Bengal Student Credit Card Scheme

पश्चिम बंगाल स्टूडेंट क्रेडिट कार्ड योजना की शुरुआत इसलिए की गई ताकि यहां के बच्चों को सरकार द्वारा चलाई जा रही विभिन्न तरह की योजनाओं का लाभ दिया जा सके इसके अतिरिक्त सरकार द्वारा यह भी निर्णय किया गया कि बैंकों से योग्य उम्मीदवारों को लोन प्रदान करने में पश्चिम बंगाल सरकार सहायता करेगी इस उद्देश्य से पश्चिम बंगाल राज्य के मुख्यमंत्री श्रीमती ममता बनर्जी द्वारा राज्य के बच्चों के लिए स्टूडेंट क्रेडिट कार्ड योजना लेकर आई है होगा यह कि राज्य के गरीब परिवार के बच्चों को अब सरकारी बैंकों से लोन प्रदान किया जाएगा जिसके तहत वह अपना बना सकते हैं इस लोन की प्राप्ति के बाद आज हम आपको योजना के बारे में सभी जानकारियां प्रदान करेंगे योजना के बारे में अधिक जानकारी के लिए लेख को अंत तक पढ़े

Implementation of West Bengal Student Credit Card Scheme 2022

Financial condition does not allow West Bengal State Government. To make the West Bengal CCE scheme universal. WB State Govt. You simply cannot bring all the students to the state under the scheme student credit card as it will increase the financial burden.

In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the West Bengal Student Credit Card Scheme, the government was contemplating to incorporate eligibility criteria for the students to avail easy loans. The state government may be forced to reduce allocation to certain departments to raise funds for the World Bank’s student credit card scheme. Significant reduction in departmental allocation is not possible. Therefore, the state wants to arrange funds for the scheme from other sources.

Submit the application from the required document for West Bengal Student Credit Card.

  • Accepted Course Structures Rate Schedules
  •  2 Passport size photographs .
  • 10th and 12th mark sheet.
  •  Documents to be selected for enrollment or enrollment for higher education .
  • Documents for proof of address
  •  Aadhar card
  • PAN card
  • A copy of passport (if you are pursuing a course abroad)
  •  Bank account details for six months.
  • Other documents like certificate of family income.

Apply Online West Bengal Student Credit Card Online 2022

If you want to pursue higher education and cannot pay tuition fees, you can get student credit card loan. But you have to make this request. You have to wait a few days because the government had not announced that how to apply for West Bengal Student Credit Card. The government did not publish the notice on student credit card rules and guidance.

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How do I Check West Bengal Student Credit Card Status?

  • Navigate to official website.
  • On the homepage select “West Bengal Student Credit Card Status“.
  • After that, enter the required information to get details.
  • Now a new webpage displayed on your screen.
  • Through this way you are able to check West Bengal Student Credit Card Status online.

Conclusion: I Hope you will get complete information about West Bengal Student Credit Card Scheme 2021. Fore more information stay in touch with us and get latest updates.

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