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Assam congress Party announce an attractive scheme for the unemployment youth they announces 500000 government job and 25 lakh private sector jobs when they will come in power to apply I or registration for this scheme youth has to be apply online on congressor5gurantee.in 2021 the Assam Congress Party announce the attractive and job guarantee for the unemployment youth of the state. They name this scheme as Assam Congress Guarantee Scheme. party has started this scheme on online registration bases.this scheme will beneficial to unemployed of the state. After getting win in Vidhan Sabha election the congress party will give job to every unemployed youth of the state. Youth will get benefit on the official website after registration

Assam Congress Guarantee Scheme

Assam Congress Guarantee Scheme

this scheme will there will be 5 lakh guarantee jobs are created in the state. to get the benefit of this scheme the whole process is available at congressor5gurantee,in which id official site of congress party. Every youth want Govt job will take part in this scheme.

Information Table of Assam Job Guarantee Scheme

TO GET BENIFIT OF THIS SCHEME here are the process to complete the registration and hoe to get benefits of this scheme.


  • congress party promised to the youth of assam to provide 5 lakh got job and 25 lakh private jobs to the youth to enhance the efficiency of industries in the state.
  • party also announce that they will give benefit of 200 units of electricity in the state at free of cost.
  • party makes a big step promising that they will cancel CAA LAW in the state, party also announces that for tea workers wages they will give 365rupess per day after coming in the power within 30 days
  • also company annouces rupees 2000 per month to the housewifes as monthly allowence

Objective of Assam Job Guarantee Scheme

The party main objective is to to give benefit to every unemployment youth under their new scheme they will conduct this scheme after getting power in Vidhan Sabha election.

Congress Party take responsibility to provide file jobs in Assam state

as every one knows that due to Corona pandemic so many jobs are lost and the youth become unemployment so Congress party had decided to generate 500000 government job and 25 lakh private jobs in the Assam state So that every youth of the state get the full benefit of the scheme in the present time state has too many vacancies in various sector. so congress party has decided to full all the vacant seats. in the state there are jobs in teaching, medical(doctors, nurses, and rest medical staff).They will full seats after coming in the power. Party make promises of providing new jobs to the youth

Eligibility Criteria’s

  • Assam people are eligible for this scheme
  • The Age should be more than 18 years
  • Unemployed youth of the state

Pragyan Bharati Scooty Scheme 2021 (Choice Of Scooty) Application Form

Online Registration For Assam Job Guarantee Scheme Gucongressor5gurantee.in

follow the procedure for getting benefit on this scheme

  • for registration visit the official website of congressor5gurantee.in
  • on homepage you will see the job registration form
  • as shown in the image ,you will see the scheme portal
  • in the application form you have to enter basic details
  • complete name, middle name, last name your age mobile number email id contact number whether is on whatsapp qualification and your constituency
  • After filing the details check again before submit and press submit
  • After submission you will get SMS on registered mobile number
    you will get the id through SMS

Conclusion: so every unemployed youth are requested to participate in this scheme

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